Anti-Abortion Protester Changes Name to “One Nation Under God”

A Zion, IL man is renaming himself “One Nation Under God” as a way to protest the legalization of abortion. Under God, formally known as Steve Kreuscher, takes his name from the Pledge of Allegiance because he claims that no one in America should recite the pledge until abortion is abolished. “I don’t think we can as a nation, myself included. We don’t have the right to the pledge until abortion is overturned,” he says.

This is not the first time that Under God has changed his own name to prove a point. He was previously known as In God We Trust, and plans several other name changes in the future. These will include Seven Seven Seven, (a numeric series of some significance to Christians), What Would Jesus Do and No Cross No Crown. He calls his name changes an “artistic expression” of himself.

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