Baltimore Opera House Renamed For Generous Donors

The Lyric Opera House is Baltimore’s oldest continuously operating theater, and since it’s opening in 1894 it has delighted many fans of opera, theater and music. Now, thanks to a generous donation of $3.5 million from former Baltimore Ravens owner Arthur Modell and his wife Patricia, the theater will be undergoing extensive renovations and improvements. The board will be renaming the facility ‘The Patricia & Arthur Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric’ to honor the couple’s support.

The renovations include expanding the size of the theater and replacing the antiquated hemp-and-sandbag system for raising and lowering scenery. The improvements will allow a greater variety of touring shows to perform that the building would not have been able to accommodate before.

“The Lyric has always offered a widespread diversity of opera, Broadway, gospel, comedians and more,” says Jim Harp, director of opera and educational activities, “We will continue to have that diversity, but at a higher production level.”

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