Canadian Man Changes Name To Avoid Airport Hassle

Mario Labbé, a cheap cialis

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record executive from Quebec, Canada buy levitra online paypal had his identity stolen which caused his name to be placed on the TSA’s no-fly list. He was so fed up with having to spend one to six hours being detained and questioned every time he needed to take a plane that he decided renaming himself would be easier. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security wrote to Labbé six years ago, saying he had viagra generic been placed on their watch list and there was no way to be taken cialis generic off. Although Labbé wrote letters to the U.S. department, they were ignored. He has legally changed his name to François Mario Labbé, which is not really that different than his original name, but apparently has been enough to fool U.S. customs. Let’s hope the real terrorists don’t catch on to this

name-changing trick!

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