Charlie Sheen Wants to Rename the Oscars After Himself

Troubled TV star Charlie Sheen has tweeted recently that he would like to rename the Oscars the “Charlies”.

Charlie Sheen has also posted a photo cialis versus viagra of himself holding a painting of an Oscar statuette with his face superimposed on the figure. The caption underneath reads “Winner 2011!”

Comedian Ricky female viagra online Gervais has stated that tadalafil he would love to host the generic pharmacy Oscars, but only if he could have Sheen at his side. “It would be f—ing amazing.” said Gervais.

How does Sheen explain his strange behavior and bizarre generic pharmacy statements? On 20/20 on March 1st he announced, “”I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.” sildenafil 100mg tablets price




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