Detroit, Oregon Discourages Comparisons To Namesake in Michigan

People in the small lakeside town of Detroit, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, will vote soon on whether to rename themselves in order to diminish their association with the “Motor City”, the more well known city of Detroit, Michigan. Local hotel owner Doug DeGeorge believes that people have a negative idea of the Michigan Detroit, and this preconception is deterring tourists from visiting the Oregon town.

“I bought the old Detroit Lake Motel, and we turned it into a beautiful lodge,” DeGeorge said, “When people asked me what project I was working on, I’d tell them I was building a lodge in Detroit. When I said, ‘Detroit,’ everyone would scrunch up their noses and furrow their brows.”

He suggests that the town’s new name be “Detroit Lake”, which he believes would highlight the location of the town and the fact that there is a lake nearby.

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