George Lucas Calls Out ‘Jedi Mind’ Computers on Copyright Infringement

‘Jedi Mind’, a company that produces computers that can be controlled by the users brain waves, is being forced to rename itself after George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, complained of copyright infringement. The company produces wireless headsets that interpret signals from the brain in order to control applications or even play computer games. Lucasfilm requested that the name of the company as well as all references to the ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ be changed, as in the names of products such as ‘Master Mind’ and ‘Jedi Mouse’. ‘Jedi Mind’ is now known as “Mind Technologies Inc.”. Lucasfilm, Lucas’s film production company, sent Jedi Mind a cease-and-desist letter in May of

2009, and then another in September of 2009 after the name had still not been changed. Finally, when Lucasfilm filed a $5 million trademark-infringement lawsuit, the computer company paid attention and agreed to change their name.

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