How to Rename a Boat

As sailing superstition goes, renaming a boat is one of the best ways to bestow it with a great deal of bad luck! There are ways to do it without angering the sea-gods, but you have to be very thorough.

First of all, the most important step is to completely remove any mention of the boat’s old name. This includes papers, log books, charts, life buoys, or anything else that might bear the name. It is not enough to simply paint over it! The gods will see right through that.

Don’t go ahead and place the new name on the boat just yet. You need to please the gods with a renaming ceremony. There are many websites online that offer a script of an official ceremony to read out loud at such an occasion. It is important that all of the words are read out loud, or your ship will be cursed with bad luck.

Of course, the last but still important part of the ship’s dedication is the libation. This is where you smash a bottle of champagne against the bow of the ship. Use a¬†reasonably¬†expensive bottle, so the gods of the sea know you mean business, and pour the entire bottle over the bow of the ship.

Now you are ready to set sail! Bon voyage!

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