Lincolnshire Town Residents Oppose “Utterly Stupid” Name Change

Residents of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire have started a Facebook group in opposition to town councillor David Dobbie’s plan to rename the town ‘Gainsborough-upon-Trent”. The new name would highlight Gainsborough’s Viking history to potential tourists. It was made the capital of England in 1013 by King Canute’s father, Sweyn Forkbeard, of Denmark. Mr Dobbie said: “I thought it was buy viagra online a sensible way to point out we were a town based on the river and try to promote the town for its history.” Other towns such as Stoke-on-Trent online cialis and New- ark-on-Trent reference their proximity to the order cialis online with prescription River Trent in their names.

However, a Facebook group of more than 800 members has stated that the name change idea is “utterly stupid”, and a petition of a similar sentiment is circling buy viagra online uk the local shops. Town councilor Pearl Banyard has pointed out that ”All the cheap cialis emergency services, the hospitals and councils, from parish to county, will have to change things like letter headings and road signs.” and Gainsborough resident Wendy Woodhead wrote on the Facebook page: ”I am sure there are a lot more appropriate things that are needing time and money spent on in the town.”

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