Mum Renames Six Month Old Baby

British mum Lena Corner struggled to come up with a name for her second son. She brainstormed dozens but nothing felt right. Under the pressure of the legal six week deadline, she decided to call him Ralph. However, the more she used this name, the more she knew that it didn’t suit her baby. After several more months of thinking, she finally decided to rename her child at six months of age. His new name, Huxley, seems to have stuck.

“It’s remarkably easy to change a baby’s name before the age of one,” states Corner, “You just fill in a form from the register office and the birth certificate gets amended.” The hardest part was telling her friends and family of the name change, many of whom were worried that she was creating an identity crisis for her son.

However, Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, says that this is nothing to worry about. “I think we’re far too frightened of changing names. There’s almost a taboo around it,” she argues, “If you listen to yourself during the course of a day, you’re calling your child half a dozen different things anyway

– sweetie, honey, baby – adding one more name shouldn’t be a big deal.”

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