Negrohead Mountain Renamed To Honor Black Pioneer

John Ballard, a former slave and blacksmith has been remembered in the renaming

of a mountain in California’s Santa Monica range. The mountain where Ballard bought land in the 1860s was originally called Niggerhead Mountain, which was changed to the slightly less offensive Negrohead Mountain in the 1960s. The Los Angeles county effexor dosage board of supervisors wanted to move forward from historical racism and highlight the life of an important local zetia pioneer, and proposed to the US Geographical arcoxia Survey that the name be changed to Ballard Mountain. Many of Ballards descendants were there at the official renaming ceremony, including his 85-year-old great-grandson Reggie Ballard, who remarked to the Los Angeles Times, “I don’t know what it means to Los Angeles as a whole, but it means a lot to me.”

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