Park Named After Man Killed in Christmas Eve Hit and Run

In Englewood, New Jersey, Madison Park was recently renamed in memory of a local doctor, Dr. Paul Kudowitz, who was killed in a Christmas Eve hit-and-run accident.

First Ward Councilman Ken Rosenzweig argued that changing the name of the park would not help solve any of the public safety issues in the city. There have been dozens of incidents in the last few years of Englewood residents dying in traffic accidents, the city has taken several steps toward improving the safety of the streets, including fixing the hundreds of broken streetlamps in the area and encouraging residents to wear reflective vests after dark.

Kudowitz, 57, was a father of six and an anesthesiologist at Astoria General Hospital, as well as a member of the board of the Aleh Foundation, which runs centers of disabled children in Israel. He was killed on Christmas Eve as he returned from prayer service.

Kudowitz’s wife, Ricki, stated that her grandson often plays in the park now known as “Dr. Paul L. Kudowitz Memorial Park”.

“It makes me very happy to hear that the park he plays in will be named for his grandfather,” she said.

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