PETA want to rename fish “sea kittens”

Most people, when they regard a slippery, scaly grey fish, are not struck by an automatic sympathetic “awww” reaction as one might have to other, fuzzier creatures. In order to raise awareness about the cruelty of fishing, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have launched a campaign to rename fish as “Sea Kittens”. They believe that by giving fish a cuddly and cute image, people will be moreĀ concernedĀ about their welfare.

The official website is aimed at children, and includes “Sea Kitten Bedtime Stories”, a “Create Your Own Sea Kitten” application, and links to, a site full of information about the harmful effects of fishing. You can even purchase a “Sammy the Sea Kitten” plush toy! Will the new name make you think twice about fishing, or ‘sea kitten hunting’ as PETA calls it?

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