Radio Host Gets High Paying Name Change Proposal

Terry Dorsey, a host on the Dallas, Texas country music station 96.3 KSCS was offered $100,000 to rename himself for one year. The deal, which Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage proposed on a call-in show, also includes the condition that Terry get a permanent TMS tattoo. He was given 24 hours to decide whether or not to accept.

After a night of discussion with his wife, Dorsey came to the conclusion that the deal was too lucrative to pass up. He went through with the official name change and the tattoo, which will be great publicity for TMS every time he says his name on the radio. How much money would they have to offer you to change your name to a website URL and have it tattooed permanently on your body? Would it be less than a hundred grand, or more?

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