Swedish Climbers Offended by Nazi Mountain Peak Names

Furious mountain climbers in Sweden have demanded the renaming of a serious of mountain crags in the Jarfalla region called ‘Himmler’, ‘Swastika’, ‘3rd Reich’, ‘Crystal Night’ (a reference to Nazi Germany’s 1938 attack against the Jews which was the precursor to the Holocaust) and other Nazi-Germany related names. Under Swedish law, the first climber to successful conquer a route and make it available for others has the right to name it. The routes on the range near the Swedish capital Stockholm were named at various times between 1987 and 2001. It is not clear if these mountain peaks were named as a joke or by serious Nazi-supporters. One of the mountains is named ‘Zyklon’, referring to the cyanide gas Zyklon B that the Nazis used in

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gas chambers to murder millions of Jews. Christofer Urby of the Swedish Climbing Association has said that he is aware of the issue but it is not in his power to change the names.

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