The Isle of Man… and Women and Children and Animals

It’s not just men who live on the Isle of Man, as the

Official Monster Raving Loony Party has pointed out in their proposal to rename the island to the more accurate title of ‘Isle of Men, Women, Children and some Animals’. The party, with no less than

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27 candidates in the UK general election, has some other wacky policies as well. They believe that all socks should be sold in packs of three because you inevitably lose one, and their strategy to combat global warming involves attaching air conditioners to the outsides of all buildings. In all seriousness, the Isle of Man’s proposed new name could be the start of a renaming trend that could quickly get out of hand. What if Greenland became Somewhat Green But Also Brown And Sometimes White When It Snows Land? What about Relatively New But Not Built Yesterday York City? I’d hate to be the one who has to fit those on a map!

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One thought on “The Isle of Man… and Women and Children and Animals

  1. Calling it the Isle of Manannan (the sea god who protects the island accorsing to mythology) might have made more sense but we are talking about the OMRLP after all…