Freeware File Renamer, and MP3 Tag and Exif Viewer

If you have thousands of MP3s and images sitting in your computer’s hard drive, managing them can be difficult without an efficient bulk rename utility application. Here at Ulfwood Ltd., we can make your file management chores easier with the RenameMaestro file renamer and FileTagSleuth MP3 tag and Exif viewer.

With photography and music collection booming in popularity, it can become hard to keep track of all the files you accumulate. With an easy method to rename multiple files, you can quickly put your images, music files and even documents all in order. The RenameMaestro bulk rename utility offers an easy-to-use interface which allows you to rename and organize files the way you want.

RenameMaestro batch file renamer – The easy rename action:

mp3 tag and exif viewer

To help you read internal data hidden in your photos and music, the FileTagSleuth MP3 tag and Exif viewer easily displays the information you need. Through this utility software, you can even search for common tag names across varying file types, making it easier for you to find which files you need at a glance.

FileTagSleuth – the free file tag searcher, viewer and exporter:

Together, the RenameMaestro file renamer and the FileTagSleuth file tag viewer offer users a powerful way to find useful internal information and rename multiple files with greater efficiency.

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