Will Sainsbury’s Shoppers Notice Anything Fishy?

Pollack is a versatile species of fish, which is very plentiful off the British coast, making it an environmentally-friendly option. However, due to it’s history of being cheap and considered only fit for cat food, it has not been a common choice for shoppers in the UK. Consumers

even confessed to being embarrassed to ask for it. Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s believes that by renaming the fish to something more “posh” sounding, they will increase its’ sales. The new name, Colin, comes from the French word for pollack when cooked, and is pronounced “co-lan”. (The British product has been very popular in France.) New custom designed packaging has been created for the fish as well, inspired by the abstract-expressionist paintings of Jackson Pollack. They claim to sell more of the fish than any other supermarket… which is a good thing because an increase in popularity of this type of

fish could prevent overfishing of cod and other at-risk species.

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